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3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value for Sale

living-room-519682_960_720Thinking of selling your home? Here are three ways you can bump up your home’s value for sale, so you can maximize on your profit. There are tons and tons of ways to do accomplish this goal.

If you have a single-family home, a great way to increase the value is to dress it up with some great landscaping. If you already have a lot of plants and trees on the property, you might want to consider cutting back or even removing some of the plants, especially if they are overwhelming. It’s hard for buyers to imagine living in a jungle, so if you can clean it up, that’s a huge selling point. When you add plants, think about what would look nicest and where. Strategically place a pop of color by the front door or the entryway to make a big impact as the buyers approach your place for the first time.

Let the Sunshine In
Unless you’re Batman or someone who equally enjoys dark spaces and mysterious shadows, think about some ways you can lighten up your space. Maybe that means painting some walls a lighter more neutral color. Maybe remove furniture that is blocking a window. Think about some accent lamps or fixtures, or adding a light kit to a fan to add a burst of light to an entire room. Particularly in the bathrooms and kitchens, people want to have a light and airy feeling. As a bonus, this helps to enlarge a space – which leads to my final suggestion.

Open it Up
Just like light, buyers absolutely love the feeling of having lots of space in their new or prospective home. You can accomplish this a few different ways. First off, remove clutter and unnecessary furniture, decorations, and other stuff before showings begin. Other ideas, much like above – include more light and lighter, brighter paint colors. If you really want to physically open up a space, think about removing walls or permanent fixtures that are closing off a room. Outdated drop ceilings, especially in bathrooms and kitchens are an easy thing to eliminate, as well as low-hanging cabinets. Knocking out all or part of a wall can get a little trickier. Be careful not to remove something that is structurally significant and consult with a contractor first.

Once you’ve made these changes, your home will be prettier, lighter, brighter and will even feel bigger. Call my team and we’ll market it for you ASAP – if you still want to sell, that is!


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